July 20, 2019

Emergency Obstetric Trolley

As an obstetrician and midwife attending an obstetric emergency, you will need to familiarise yourself with the following:

·       The equipment available in A&E

·       The obstetric drugs in the fridge in A&E

If required ensure that the following people have also been informed

·       TC 1 on the delivery suite

·       Neonatal team

·       Obstetric anaesthetist

The following equipment is not available in A&E

·       A resuscitaire with towels (wheeling the resuscitaire is a 2-person job!)

·       A sonicaid

·       Baby notes

The obstetric emergency trolly is located in the Resus store room.
Inside you will find all equipment needed to perform:

Normal Delivery
Instrumental Delivery (Forceps and Kiwi)
Caesarean Section – Knife located in Drawer 1
Repair of Perineal Tear